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Brand strategy • Web design

The Australian Academy of the Humanities – the national voice for cultural, creative and ethical thinking.


The challenge: In a rapidly changing world focused on science and technology, the Academy needed to position itself, as well as the humanities, as a relevant and engaging part of Australia’s future.

The brief: Replace their 50-year-old brand with a new identity that reflected a modern, connected and forward-thinking organisation while recognising its rich history.

Australian Academy of the Humanities

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Our work


Working closely with the Academy’s Executive Director, we created a powerful and contemporary brand identity that feels uniquely Australian and can gain audience attention in an increasingly busy media landscape.

The logo, colours, shapes, imagery and tone of voice chosen for the brand capture the Academy’s creativity, innovation and curiosity while still maintaining authority and excellence.

The brand design plays on the Academy’s relationship with the past, present and future. While they retain their important tradition, the new identity firmly establishes them as an organisation for the times.

The Inkfield team exceeded our expectations, developing a deep understanding of the organisation and appreciation for our history.


They were proactive in identifying areas in which we could be working better and smarter, and how we could more effectively reach new audiences.


We could not have achieved the level of success and impact without their expertise and support.



Christina Parolin

Australian Academy of the Humanities, Executive Director

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