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5 reasons your links should NEVER say 'click here'

(Don't) Click here.

1. It makes you look old 👴🏿

It’s 2023, users know what to do with a link. And they probably aren’t using a device with a mouse to click anyway!

2. It’s not SEO friendly 🔎

Search engines use the text in a link to decide if it’s relevant to the user and determine where your page should appear in search results. When you use ‘click here’ all you’re telling the engine is that your content contains a link 🤦‍♀️.

3. It’s not compelling or attention-grabbing

The internet is full of places to go. ‘Click here’ isn't unique or enticing and doesn't stand out from the crowd.

4. It’s not scannable 👀

Users don’t read every word on your page. They scan to find something specific or that grabs their attention.

Hyperlinks stand out when users scan, but using ‘click here’ as a link is useless when taken out of context of the surrounding words.

Check out this guide to making your content scannable (see what I did there?).

5. It’s not inclusive 💗

When visually-impaired users use screen readers to scan for links they won’t know where the link is going to take them or if it contains the content they’re looking for.

What to do instead:

✅ Be descriptive – let users know what they’re going to find on the other end of the link.

✅ Use verbs that are descriptive of the user action view, read, explore, watch, listen.

✅ Be specific – it will improve your SEO and help your link stand out from the crowd.


⛔ Click here to download

👍 Download our guide to writing accessible links


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