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Four easy ways to build CliftonStrengths into your every day

Updated: Mar 25

As a Gallup-Certified coach my mission is to inspire and teach my coachees to use their strengths every. single. day.

I often say in my workshops:

It would kill me (and my Significance talent theme) if your CliftonStrengths report ended up in the bottom of your filing cabinet, only to be pulled out every few years when someone asks you if you've done it before.

Why? Because talents are just like muscles. They need to be practised and exercised regularly to become (and stay) strengths.

So, here are four easy ways (that I do myself) to use your CliftonStrengths report:

1. Listen to CliftonStrengths podcasts

Gallup has a treasure trove of great content, but sometimes it's tricky to find. So we set up a Spotify channel with a playlist for each CliftonStrengths Talent Theme.

There's something on there for everyone. Sometimes I like a quick highlights episode to remind me about my talent. Other times I'm looking for something more in-depth about how to use my talents more intentionally or how they can help my wellbeing. And, best of all, I like to listen to episodes about Talent Themes that I don't have but people in my team (or family do have).

I'm pretty time poor these days so I find it a great way to indulge my curiosity (and feed my Input talent) while I am on the move, driving or even doing household chores.

They help me:

  • gain a better understanding of my talents (and those of my colleagues)

  • give me new ideas on how to use them intentionally, and

  • help me practice and get comfortable with the language of strengths (an ongoing journey given much of my life I was exposed to the deficit approach to development which focuses on weaknesses).

Screenshot of Inkfield's Spotify account

2. Follow CliftonStrengths on social media

If you're already death scrolling at night, fill your feed with some CliftonStrengths goodness. Gallup do a great job at sharing insights and inspiration on social media. It's an easy way to keep it top of mind for you everyday.

3. Re-read your report

Every time you read it you will find a new insight and get more out of it. I promise you'll find new golden nuggets!

A photo of a CliftonStrengths report with highlighters

Make notes and highlight the things that resonate with you. Pay particular attention to the 'take action' lists in your CliftonStrengths Full 34 report and choose a couple of suggestions you can act on in the next month.

I took my assessment over five years ago, and try to re-read my report every few months. I find something new or helpful every time.

4. Study your success

Start asking yourself what went well this week? What talents did I use to make it happen?

Pay attention to compliments and things that people say you're good at. What talents are they noticing? (Take a look at our guide to taking compliments if you're not comfortable accepting them yet).

When you know how and why you succeed, you can intentionally repeat the steps to achieve future success and do more of the good stuff!

A screenshot of a Miro board with post it notes
My Miro board to capture and study my successes

It doesn't have to be an onerous process. Do it in a way that is authentic to you. Because of my Communication talent theme, I like to talk about it with colleagues or friends and use them as a sounding board. My Input and Achiever talent themes also mean I like to keep organised collections - I keep a Miro board and a notebook to capture my successes and insights.


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