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Visual storytelling

B Miles Women's Foundation

Changing the face of homelessness.


Around 15,000 women in NSW have nowhere to call home. And, in Australia, people with a mental health condition are twice as likely to experience homelessness.

The public often assume that experiencing homelessness means someone is sleeping on the streets. However, only 6% of Australians experiencing homelessness are sleeping rough.


The fact is, no one is immune to a change in circumstances that can leave accommodation unaffordable, unsuitable or unstable.


We had the privilege of helping tell Elaine's incredibly personal story of experiencing homelessness and recovery. In doing so, we needed to change perceptions about experiences of homelessness and tell Elaine's story through the lens of hope and recovery.

Videography and photography by Milly Mead.

This is my story. However, it could be any woman’s story. Any woman could end up without a home.

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