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Imagine what would happen if we focused on what is right with people, instead of what is wrong?

Strengths-based development

We help teams and individuals reach their full potential by using a strengths-based development approach to coaching and team workshops.


Using the CliftonStrengths® assessment as a guide, we’ll help your team members:

  • uncover their natural talents

  • learn strategies to apply their strengths

  • understand each other’s unique strengths

  • discover how partnerships and collaboration can be harnessed for shared success and to overcome weaknesses.


CliftonStrengths® gives your team a common language they can use to better communicate and understand each other. It also helps match people to work that fits their strengths and talents, fueling greater performance and job satisfaction.

This strengths-based approach also helps managers draw on their unique talents to better inspire, develop and lead their teams.

We design tailored team workshops based on your needs — from orientations and team-building days to strategy planning and professional development sessions.

Four women standing in front of a white board discussing post it notes at a strengths-based development workshop
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About your facilitator

Before coaching and consulting, Georgia Nielsen ran large, high-performing communication teams in the Higher Education sector. The part she loved most was coaching her team members and running engaging workshops that would develop them and strengthen their teamwork.


She’s authentic, a great storyteller and loves to live life surrounded by talented people. She’s trained hundreds of people, harnessing some of her top CliftonStrengths (competition, relator, communication, empathy, woo, command) to deliver engaging, meaningful and valuable workshops.


As a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach she’s here to help you discover what makes you and your team members exceptional so that you can start thriving and fulfilling your potential together. Since 2022 she's helped over 250 clients discover and harness their talents.


What our clients say

Georgie really helped our teams unite to understand one another better and helped us to actively demonstrate our strengths in our day-to-day. 
She was witty, entertaining, and had great presence to command a room, as well as being sensitive to the needs of her audience. She was genuinely encouraging and supportive. The sessions were illuminating and extremely beneficial to us individually and as a team. 

Team Leader,
NSW Government

I loved the amazing real life examples and scenarios that we talked through.

NSW Government

Georgie is a nurturing, wise and engaging facilitator. The workshop was inspiring and motivating. Feels good to talk about our strengths!

NSW Government

Georgie was such an amazing facilitator who explained everything in just the right amount of detail. She was very enthusiastic and made the session very enjoyable.

NSW Government

I loved Georgie’s energy and positivity, guiding us through difficult topics. Great insights and practical, actionable steps!

NSW Government

It was casual and unforced. Great energy from the start. Felt very comfortable to share.

Private sector

The session was incredibly energising. It boosted my confidence and restored some calm; knowing I do have strengths and talents and can contribute value to my new team.

NSW Government

Insightful and engaging! The session struck a wonderful balance between reflection and action.

Private sector

Georgia has a wonderful ability to draw teams’ strengths out, show them who they are, why they are amazingly unique and how they can use those strengths to be their best. Her sessions have been the highlight of our team’s year. Georgia had them engaged, inspired and “sparkling”!

Senior Leader,
NSW Government

Super engaging and informative day! It was well thought out and personalised and tailored to each of us - this was so valuable and learnt so much, thanks Georgie!

NSW Government

It was very interesting and insightful. So much to go away and process plus great team building!

Participant, Australian Government 

Department of Defence

Georgia's passion and warmth kept us engaged and thinking. The way the activities were practical and personalised made the session meaningful and easy to take forward into our day to day lives.

NSW Government

Client testimonials
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About CliftonStrengths®

  • It's based on decades of research by Gallup (a global analytics and advice firm).

  • More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies use it.

  • More than 24 million people globally have taken the assessment.

  • Your strengths are unique to you. The chance that two people share the same Top 5 in order is 1 in 33 million.

Two women looking at post it notes on a white board as part of a strengths-based development team workshop
Gallup's research shows that strengths-based development leads to:


increased performance


higher employee engagement


lower attrition rates
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